virginia sweet grass farm

Typical box includes:

2 Roasts (chuck, sirloin tip or brisket)

2 economy steaks (sirloin, London broil, flat iron or flank)

4 premium steaks (bone-in ribeye, NY strip or filet - all cut @ 1.5" thickness)

1-2 lbs stew meat

10-12 lbs ground beef

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Steven and Sallie Druiett

531 Poplar Rd Fredericksburg, VA 22406

(540) 286-6910

  individual cuts priced per pound

  tenderloin     $22
  new york strip     $17
  porterhouse    $17
  ribeye   $17
  t-bone    $17
  sirloin steak     $11
  flat iron steak     $11
  rib roast     $11
  london broil    $ 8.50

  chuck roast    $8
  brisket     $8
  eye round roast     $7.50
  sirloin tip roast     $7.50
  top or bottom round roast    $ 7.50
  ground beef     $7
  stew meat   $7
  short ribs     $6
  beef shanks   $6
  soup bones     $4
  ox tail     $5
  organs (liver, heart, tongue)     $3.50


  T-bone/porterhouse steaks - 3
    or 3 each - NY strip and Filet
  sirloin steaks - 3
  rib steaks or ribeye - 3
  flat iron steak - 2
  flank steak - 1
  brisket - 1
  London broil - 3
  sirloin tip roast - 2
  chuck roast- 5
  stew meat - 5 1-lb packages
  ground beef - 30 1-lb. packages

  *This is an estimate and will change according

  to the size of the steer.

If you want to purchase beef, please contact us via phone or email in order to check availability.  If you order a half or whole beef, it will be custom cut to your specifications.  We will provide you the cut sheet, more information and assistance before you need to make these decisions.  This process allows you to get your favorite cuts in the serving sizes you prefer.

Note: Deposit required for the following at the time of order (balance paid in full at pickup)
     $875 for whole beef
     $475 for half beef
     $300 for beef quarters
     $100 for family packs

100% grass-Finished BEEF


Family Pack - $8.00/pound, approx. $200-240 + tax

(finished weight and includes butchering)
Includes 25-30 pounds of mixed cuts including steaks, roasts and ground beef.

A quarter steer is $7.75 per pound. (finished weight and includes butchering)
Approximately 80 to 100 pounds ($620-775 + tax)
A half steer is $7.50 per pound. (finished weight and includes butchering)
Approximately 160 to 200 pounds ($1200-1500 + tax)

Between 18 and 24 months of age, the beef is processed at a small USDA processing facility.  It is aged for 2-weeks, then cut, individually vacuum sealed and frozen.   We sell mixed boxes and quarters, providing you with a full range of cuts, not just those from the front or back half.  See the list below for approximate cuts and quantities that come in a quarter.  These include 1.5" thick steaks and 3-4 pound roasts.  Double the list for quantities that would come in a half beef.