virginia sweet grass farm

100% grass-Finished BEEF

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Farm Practices
100% grass finished / No grain
Organic practices
No antibiotics
No hormones
Free range / No confinement
Non GMO pasture & hay
No pesticides or herbicides
Organic mineral, fed freely

Steven and Sallie Druiett

531 Poplar Rd Fredericksburg, VA 22406

(540) 286-6910

​​​     Virginia Sweet Grass Farm is located in western Stafford County, Virginia on the upper reaches of Horsepen Run which feeds the Rappahannock River watershed.  We are the 3rd generation to farm the property since acquiring it in 1945.  Although our family has raised dairy cows, beef cattle, corn, and soybeans in the past, we have been able to convert 25 acres of the current hay fields into pasture for cattle.  In 2017, we added a pig lot in the woods behind the fields.  Pigs enjoy acorns and lots of wooded space to root around!

     Our farm offers all natural, 100% grass-finished beef to the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. We raise Devon-Angus cattle while practicing rotational grazing to improve our farm, protect the environment, and support our community.  We do not use chemical fertilizers or pesticides. We do not use hormones or steroids. We do not feed any grain. Our cattle thrive on natural pasture, while consuming fescue, orchard grass, and clovers. Although not certified organic, the cattle are managed organically and fed free range organic minerals.  In addition, they are raised in a low stress environment with every consideration given to their overall well being.

     Grass-finished beef is naturally leaner and healthier compared to grain-fed beef from confined feedlots. Meat from grass-fed cattle has less total fat, less saturated fat, less cholesterol and fewer calories. It has more vitamin E and B (thiamin and riboflavin), beta carotene and health-producing fats such as Omega-3 fatty acid and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA’s). We believe grass-fed beef is not only delicious and healthy, but beneficial to the animals themselves and the environment.